Where did the idea for ‘Like in a box’ come from? I was often asked this question when I started this project. I cannot offer a short answer because ‘Like in a box’ is the result of many ideas, annoyances, interests, and more.

While scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, I started to realise just how fleeting and transient they are as media. People post photographs in the hope of getting as many likes as possible, but the photograph is forgotten after just a few days and then leads a very lonely life on the Internet.

A while ago, a grandmother told me that she saved the photographs that her grandchildren posted on Facebook onto her own computer. ‘Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any pictures of them.’, she said. As a result of the fact that I am interested in photography and enjoy beautiful photographs, I began to kick around the idea of doing something in that area that would be in line with the concept of the digital detox. I would ensure that people would once again have photographs to display in their kitchen or on their desk. Not just a photograph, however, it would have to be something hip. Something that is truly in line with the times but yet also a nod to the past, to a time full of excitement at the prospect of going to the photographer’s to pick up our photographs that we then would mostly impatiently look at in the store’s doorway.

My project, because it did not have a name at the time, would also have to be the perfect gift. I love giving gifts, but finding the perfect one can sometimes take some time. And that is when the idea came to me: I would make it possible for people to give each other a tangible ‘Like in a box’.

I sincerely hope that you will experience great pleasure in giving and receiving a ‘Like in a box’. I personally and lovingly make and package each ‘Like in a box’.


Katrin Huysmans